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Servo voltage stabilizers are designed and tested as per IS Standards (IS9815 / IS20026) under high end test lab facilities. These are produced in various capacities and voltage ranges according to the needs of our customers. These are equipped with digital microprocessor based technology and designed with heavy duty auto variable , buck boost transformers and solid state components for better efficiency and low maintenance . Maestro servo voltage stabilizers are robust, durable and designed to perform efficiently for

Air conditioning plants Residences & offices Motars
UPS system Farm Houses Cement Plants
Hotels Textitle Industries Domestic Loads
Medical Equipment Phamaceuticals industries Medical Industries
CNC Machines R & D Institutions Automobile Industries
offsets printing machines Oil Industries IT Industries
Escatators & Elevators Metro Logical Departments Paper Mills
Industries & Lighting Loads Inductions Heatings Tube Mills
Mall & Comm. Complex Flours Mills Footwear & Leather Units
Tele Communications Rolling Mills Food Processing Units
Laboratory Equipments Distilleries & Beveragres Cold Storage
Defence Equipments Tea Estates Rubber Industries

Servo Voltage Stabilizer

At the time of peak consumption the demand for electric power is very high resulting in low voltage.

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