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Solar Grid Tie Inverter

Rated Voltage/Size : 1kw to 60kw
Our solar grid tie inverters are used to convert direct current ("DC") power generated from solar energy through solar panel, into alternating current ("AC") power. It adjusts the voltage levels according to the grid voltage for synchronization with local grid supply. The solar grid-tie inverters feed the generated power to the load, and excess power is exported to the grid, facilitating Net Metering. The solar grid-tie inverters are used for solar on-grid projects only.

Solar Off Grid Inverters

Rated Voltage/Size : 0.5KVA to 25KVA

Our solar off grid inverters are used to convert the DC power received from the Solar PV panels to AC power. This provides power supply to the load and charges the batteries. If solar power is not available, the batteries provide DC power to the inverter to feed the loads.

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